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Paul has played on five of Flossie Malavialle's latest albums - "If I Have To Go", "X", "Flossie sings Brel", "Wilderness Years" and "Making up the Miles". He has also played on Lee Maddison's latest album, to be released soon. He also regularly plays with Joel Coombes' Tribute to Elton band.

Paul is one of the featured composers on Adam Wakeman's The Perfect Music Library.

As a composer and performer, Paul has two solo albums: Dance for the King; and Lament, available on iTunes. Both are an emotional and eclectic mix of acoustic guitar instrumentals. Tunes from each album were featured on BBC Radio 2's Desmond Carrington Show. Both albums have been featured on a New York Radio Station.

Paul has been a finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition three times in a row with his instrumental pieces "The Water", "Enchanted" and "The King's Concerto".

He is currently working on his third solo album.

Paul is available for recording work, playing many varieties of guitar and styles. Send a track and Paul can send it back with the guitar parts all done in his project studio. Studio equipment includes Neumann U87 microphone, Kemper Profiling amplifier and lots of nice guitars, obviously…

Buy "Lament" now on Click to buy on iTunes



Buy "Dance For The King" now on Click to buy on iTunes